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Thrifty Thursday

27 Dec
Mint Polka Dot Shirt

Mint Polka Dot Shirt

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I purchase this top for only 99 cents a my favorite thrift store  Last Chance Thrift Store. If you are in the Atlanta area check them out they have multiple locations and don’t miss 1/2 off Mondays (Everything in the store is half off). I will be pairing this cute top with skirts and jeans.


The Young Fashionable Professional

14 Sep

In case you haven’t heard many people in America are without jobs a lot of them happen to be young, fashionable and in or fresh out of college. This means most likely many of my fellow fashionistas  are pushing their pennies but that is still no excuse to not have some key essentials in your wardrobe that will have you interview ready in a flash.I know from experience it can be hard to look good for interviews on a low budget or if your lucky you have already passed that stage and you will be starting a new job, either way their are a couple of key items you need to have and.

I would say that a black or neutral color suit is essential although an actual suit can be pretty costly if you are on a budget so opting for basic separates might be the way to go unless you are trying to work at a business were a suit is absolutely necessary. If you need a suit a good place to go is somewhere that offers lay away like Burlington Coat Factory or  Marshall’s. That way you can pay on it for up to 30 days with a down payment of  $10 or 10% which ever is more at Marshall’s or  20% down plus a$5 initiation fee for a 60 day lay a way at Burlington Coat Factory. I have used these systems many times and it does help you budget for higher price items. Also department stores such as Macy’s has a suit sale about twice a year when all their suits are 50% off anther tip for macy’s is that their juniors department  has suits for a lower price than the womens section so if you can still fit in a juniors size you might want to take a look.

To coordinate separates stores like Forever21, Dots, Wet seal Etc have cute pencil skirts, dress pants, blazers and blouses at a reasonable price and are usually cute and styled for younger women.

Now if you really just don’t have it checking out local consignment stores and thrift stores are an option as well the only thing with that is that it may be harder to find the right size and fit because you are subjected to only what people have donated or want to get rid of. If you do find something that could work but maybe it needs to be hemmed a few inches it still might be worth buying it if the price is right sometimes a simple hem can cost as low as $5 at seamstress or dry cleaner or maybe you are handy with a thread and needle yourself.

As far as shoes go  all the above mentioned stores are good options. Again if you do happen to see a pair at the thrift store that could work at a great price but maybe need a little work don’t be afraid to buy a $1 can of shoe polish from the dollar store and spruce them up a bit. Sometimes I will even use  a cap of Murphy oil soap diluted in a cup of  water for leather shoes that are not black. You will see they are clean and shiny.

If you are trying to save money you may have to put in a little extra work on the front end, but when it is all said and done you will look just as good as anybody else…heck maybe even better!

Check out my photos below of Ready for Work Outfits hopefully you can get some ideas.

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