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Ruby Kisses Cometics Review

29 Dec

As you know I am always looking for new ways to save money. Don’t get me wrong I love high end brands of clothing,shoes,and makeup!Do I always have or want to spend the money on it NO!  So  when I see cheaper items that I can use in place of something that I spend more for I am inclined to try it. Which brings me to Ruby Kisses Cosmetics. I have known about this brand for a while I have been using their nail polish, that I love for the past couple of years. What i had yet to try was all there other makeup  products a full spread of concealer,shadows, liners, powders, bronzer, foundation….You get the picture. The best part is nothing seems to be over $6. As far as I know this brand is only available at Beauty Supply Stores (at least in my area) and I did manage to f ind a couple of websites that sales the products  www.beautyonlinesupply.com this website offers free shipping with a $20 or more purchase and  www.houseofbeautyworld.com  this website ships wordwide! I only bought 3 product (for only $5!) this time but after using them I will be trying more.

Ruby Kisses- Super Mascara in Black $1.99

Ruby Kisses- Super Mascara in Black $1.99

For$ 1.99 I can’t complain. While it is not the best mascara I have tried. It is a decent enough for me to use for everyday looks its pretty thick not watery like some cheap mascaras I have used. You will have to go over your eyelashes a few times but I gives your lashes a slightly enhanced look for more natural makeup looks. With that being said they also have another mascara Ruby Kisses Big Lash Mascara for $3.99 that I will go back and buy to see if it gives me a more glam look for when I’m going out.


Ruby Kisses- Auto Lip Liner in Plum .99

Ruby Kisses -Auto Lip Liner in Plum

Ruby Kisses -Auto Lip Liner in Plum

My lips in Ruby Kisses Plum Lip liner

My lips in Ruby Kisses Plum Lip liner

Yes for 99Cent this lip liner is comparable to liners that cost a lot more. I goes on smooth very pigmented and I put it on at first with out any lip balm and it was still creamy and smooth.  The color was a bit mis leading it says plum and the sticker on the bottom looked like a lavender (to me) but it goes on a lot darker. That actually was okay because I think the color is pretty I would wear it by itself or under lipstick.

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow1.99

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

My Eye in Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

My Eye in Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

I actually like this liner it glides on easy and a very pigmented I didn’t try it on with a shadow base yet but I think once I do it will pop.  If you want a more enhanced gold look I would recommend this  this under a gold shadow. I am very excited to try more of these in different colors. I plan to keep trying different products from their line. Let me know if you have tried any of their products and how you like them.


Manicure Monday

17 Dec

Today was so rainy and gray so I decided to cheer myself up up a  sparkling manicure for this weeks Manicure Monday. Yes! from now until further notice I will be doing Manicure Monday to try out new colors I have added to my collection and to experiment with different painting techniques etc . Make sure you come back every Monday  to see a new manicure.



OPI -Ate Berries in the Canaries


LA COLORS – Aqua Crystals

LA Colors Aqua Crystals

KLEAN COLOR – Chunky Silver

Klean Color 28 Chunky Silver


Ruby Kisses Top Coat

Finished Product

Manicure Monday

Want To Get This Look ?

  1. Paint top part of your nail with OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries
  2. Go over the top part you painted again with LA COLORS  Aqua Crystals
  3. Paint from the base of the nail to the part that is already paited with Klean Colors Chunky Silver
  4. Go over with Ruby kisses TOP COAT

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