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Thrifty Thursday

27 Dec
Mint Polka Dot Shirt

Mint Polka Dot Shirt

20121218_144557 20121218_144601

I purchase this top for only 99 cents a my favorite thrift store  Last Chance Thrift Store. If you are in the Atlanta area check them out they have multiple locations and don’t miss 1/2 off Mondays (Everything in the store is half off). I will be pairing this cute top with skirts and jeans.


Outfit of the day

3 Oct

I went out to a lunch meeting and I wanted to look  sophisticated yet funky. I think I pulled it off. Oh and everything expect the boots I got from Last Chance Thrift Store. The boots are from  St. Vincent Depaul Thrift Store. So this whole outfit was thrifted.. Go Me!

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Brand New to Me/Thrifting

17 Sep

  8:25 am (Store opens at 8:30am) Yes People were lined up, so serious about their half of Monday

Today was yet another 50% ( every thing in the store )Monday at Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur, GA. I recently started going to this thrift store and I have to say I have really been enjoying it. The prices are great, especially on Mondays but even if you go other days the prices are still very reasonable They have other deals during the week they include two special color price tags at 50% which change each week, on Tuesdays anything with those special color tags are only 99 ccents, Thursdays Senior Citizens got 30% off and to top it all off there is a $2 off coupon of any purchase over $10 that you can find on their website  or in local newspapers ( not sure which ones they are in but I have seen other customers with newspaper cut outs).

So this morning I woke up ate a little breakfast and headed straight to last chance with my $2 off coupon in hand along with a $10 budget ($8 budget with the Coupon). I always give myself a budget since I am an avid, thrifter, shopper, browser, deal seeker  I have to keep my spending at each store to a minimum to stay focused on buying only what I need and truly to die for /have to have it  items! , yes even at a thrift store you can find yourself over  spending because everything is “So Cheap”.

I am glad to report that I stayed exactly in my budget and was very satisfied with my finds …see what I got brand new to me for  just $8


* Scrapbook Tie Top (Brand New To ME) $1.50

*Just Fab Black Booties (Brand New) $3.50

* Champion Jogging Pants (Brand New To ME) $1.00

*Hot Topic  Coin Purse (Brand New) $1.00

* Arden B Blue 100% Silk Sleeveless Top (Brand New to ME) $ 1.50

*Massimo Jean Zipper Flats (Brand New) $2.00

Grand Total $10.50 minus $2 off coupon $8.50

Tips on Thrifting on 50% off day  or any day really

1.Set a Budget

2.Bring a Shopper Bag ( Many thrift stores only have a handful of shopping carts and believe it or not many people line up outside  up to an hour before the store opens on special priced days so the chances of you getting a shopping cart are slim at certain times.  Marshall’s and Tj Maxx have cute printed reusable shopping bags  for $1 that are big enough to stuff things in.

3.Have a list of what you are looking for so you can keep your eyes peeled for things that you need

4.Take your time taking you time to go through each rack will truly give you the best idea of whats in the store and a better chance of finding that hidden treasure


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