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Scissors Paper Rock Stylist Review

27 Feb


So many of us love to get our hair done for special events or just to update our look. It is so hard to find someone who is reasonably priced and can produce the beautiful results you want. Then when you do you have to deal with long waiting periods in the hair salon because your stylist might be working on more than one client at a time so you’re stuck reading magazines and twitting your followers until you can get the much needed one on one attention that  you’re paying for.

Wouldn’t  it just be easier if your hair dresser did house calls?  Services conveniently provided for you at home or office  fuss free. If you have a napping newborn or an important event to attended and can’t be bothered with the unknown time it will take at the salon full of other clients. The Scissors Paper Rock Stylist does just that, from haircuts to highlights they provide every service a brick and motor salon provides and more!

If you live in or are ever visiting  the London area the Scissors Paper Rock Stylist provides service to central London zone 1 and 2, but are more than happy to send an experienced stylist to other areas if mentioned in advance and will  provide a quote for the additional mileage but with their prices being  as low as 20%-30% less than standard salon prices it is sure to still be quite  reasonable. To have  more fun and  to save even more money, get your friends and family together  for a hair cut party for less traveling time for them  a bigger discount for you!

How wonderful will it feel  to be treated like a celebrity with a stylist coming to your location and devoting the entire time just to you . So rather  you are new to the London area and not yet confident in getting around,  just looking for a new stylist or  want to have a girls day with your friends  Scissors Paper Rock Stylist is the answer.

For more information on services and general information visit


Ruby Kisses Cometics Review

29 Dec

As you know I am always looking for new ways to save money. Don’t get me wrong I love high end brands of clothing,shoes,and makeup!Do I always have or want to spend the money on it NO!  So  when I see cheaper items that I can use in place of something that I spend more for I am inclined to try it. Which brings me to Ruby Kisses Cosmetics. I have known about this brand for a while I have been using their nail polish, that I love for the past couple of years. What i had yet to try was all there other makeup  products a full spread of concealer,shadows, liners, powders, bronzer, foundation….You get the picture. The best part is nothing seems to be over $6. As far as I know this brand is only available at Beauty Supply Stores (at least in my area) and I did manage to f ind a couple of websites that sales the products this website offers free shipping with a $20 or more purchase and  this website ships wordwide! I only bought 3 product (for only $5!) this time but after using them I will be trying more.

Ruby Kisses- Super Mascara in Black $1.99

Ruby Kisses- Super Mascara in Black $1.99

For$ 1.99 I can’t complain. While it is not the best mascara I have tried. It is a decent enough for me to use for everyday looks its pretty thick not watery like some cheap mascaras I have used. You will have to go over your eyelashes a few times but I gives your lashes a slightly enhanced look for more natural makeup looks. With that being said they also have another mascara Ruby Kisses Big Lash Mascara for $3.99 that I will go back and buy to see if it gives me a more glam look for when I’m going out.


Ruby Kisses- Auto Lip Liner in Plum .99

Ruby Kisses -Auto Lip Liner in Plum

Ruby Kisses -Auto Lip Liner in Plum

My lips in Ruby Kisses Plum Lip liner

My lips in Ruby Kisses Plum Lip liner

Yes for 99Cent this lip liner is comparable to liners that cost a lot more. I goes on smooth very pigmented and I put it on at first with out any lip balm and it was still creamy and smooth.  The color was a bit mis leading it says plum and the sticker on the bottom looked like a lavender (to me) but it goes on a lot darker. That actually was okay because I think the color is pretty I would wear it by itself or under lipstick.

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow1.99

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

My Eye in Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

My Eye in Ruby Kisses- Xpress Liner & Shadow in Gold

I actually like this liner it glides on easy and a very pigmented I didn’t try it on with a shadow base yet but I think once I do it will pop.  If you want a more enhanced gold look I would recommend this  this under a gold shadow. I am very excited to try more of these in different colors. I plan to keep trying different products from their line. Let me know if you have tried any of their products and how you like them.

In Pink Jewelry

26 Dec

After enter a blogging contest hosted by IN Pink a online costume jewelry store, although I did not win they were kind enough to send me a $15 credit towards anything in the store. So I picked out these beautiful SILVER TONE PEACOCK FEATHER AND STONE EARRINGS.

Pretty Gift Wrap

Pretty Gift Wrap

I opted for the free gift wrapping even though it was for myself, So worth it! It’s so cute and if I did ever send someone a gift  from them I would know it’s good quality..

Silver Tone Feather Earrings

These earrings are very beautiful in person. Of course I though they were pretty online otherwise I would not have ordered them but I wasn’t 100% sure if they would be how I thought they were , but they definitely  lived up to my expectations!

20121225_140228Very pretty earrings the metal is heavy enough to let you know its quality but still light enough to wear all day. The shipping was fast about 2days.  They have a huge selection of other jewelery in a variety of of prices.Overall I think this is a company I will order from again.

Get these earrings and more at

Kiss Stick-On Strips Review

18 Sep

These Kiss Stick on Nail Polish Strips were purchased for $3 at My local Dollar General Store. They are very easy to use  just match your fingers to the right size fold over any excess strip and rub over the line of were your nail stops to cut off the any of the remaining strip. They have a variety of different  patterns and designs to choose from. I would recommend using a fairly new nail file, one that is not worn because the strips are very sticky and stretchy and if you don’t have a clean cut the first the edges will look ragged. I would also recommend putting a top coat over it so it can mesh better with your nails. They also look cute on toes! Over all I would purchase these again for the price the ease and last minute fix to a manicure. I say check them out for yourself. I think I am going to go back and get a couple more just to have for emergency’s.

Great Buy!!!


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