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Manicure Monday

24 Dec

Happy Holidays to all!  Today is another Manicure Monday! My inspiration for today came from some of the popular colors of the season, GREEN and GOLD.

Green and Gold

Green and Gold Manicure

LOL I didn’t realize there would be a reflection of my phone.

Pearl Jungle

Klean Color-Pearl Jungle

Glitter Gold

L.A Colors-Glitter Gold


L.A Colors- White

L.A Colors-White



Manicure Monday

17 Dec

Today was so rainy and gray so I decided to cheer myself up up a  sparkling manicure for this weeks Manicure Monday. Yes! from now until further notice I will be doing Manicure Monday to try out new colors I have added to my collection and to experiment with different painting techniques etc . Make sure you come back every Monday  to see a new manicure.



OPI -Ate Berries in the Canaries


LA COLORS – Aqua Crystals

LA Colors Aqua Crystals

KLEAN COLOR – Chunky Silver

Klean Color 28 Chunky Silver


Ruby Kisses Top Coat

Finished Product

Manicure Monday

Want To Get This Look ?

  1. Paint top part of your nail with OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries
  2. Go over the top part you painted again with LA COLORS  Aqua Crystals
  3. Paint from the base of the nail to the part that is already paited with Klean Colors Chunky Silver
  4. Go over with Ruby kisses TOP COAT

DIY Floral Print Jeans

19 Sep

So I am still on a mission to create current trends with some old clothing items. I have been wanting a floral print pair of jeans so I decided to try my hand at making my own. Let Me know what you think!!!

Step 1 Find an old pair of jeans you wouldn’t mind altering

Step 2 Google flower stencils and pick out what flower pattern you like or you can buy a real flower stencil

Step  3 Save and Print out the flower and use a razor blade or exact-o knife to cut out the shape you can use paper but know the paint will get it really wet and it my rip while using it. If you want something a bit sturdier or you think you may want to cut the stencil on copy paper first then transfer it to  a thin piece of plastic/cardboard/or poster board

Step 4  Buy the color or colors of fabric paint and a sponge paint brush you would like from your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s

Step 5 Squeeze out paint onto plate/container and dip sponge in paint and let it soak up the color

Step 6 place stencil on jean and wipe sponge in an upward motion keep placing stencil in a pattern until you have covered your jeans to you liking.

Step 7 Let dry for a few hours

DIY Spiked Heels (My way)

3 Sep

So lately I have been bored with my wardrobe and decided to clean out my closet. There a lot of things that I either don’t wear anymore or have never worn. Before I completely give up on some of my items that I still love but don’t know what to do with I decided to get creative and try to update some items with some more trendy applications.

I’ve been wanting heels with spikes on them for some time now but ould never really rationalize buying any when I don’t really need them and have  so many shoes that I don’t wear. So I said to myself why don’t I make my own with a pair of shoes that I don’t really care for.

So the search was on for spikes and a glue strong enough to keep them on the heel of a shoe. Well I ended up getting hair beads for $1 at my local beauty supply store and the suggested glue from the sales clerk at Micheal’s for $6.99….I think they came out pretty good and I can’t wait to wear them.  I will post a picture of what outfit I styled them with. …..What do you think?





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