Where did you get that?

30 Aug

I get this question a lot and the answer is always different. The truth is I shop everywhere thrift stores,  yard sales, malls,  online, outlets,  TjMaxx (other stores like it) my sisters closet. Pretty much no where is off-limits which is probably why I have so much stuff.

I love to shop ! I am not really into “names” although if I find it at a great price I will not complain.  I am more into great fit and great price. Also shopping around  gives my an idea of how much things cost and their value of it at every price point, so when I do see a bargain I know to grab it. I live for the hunt of a great treasure at the bottom of the clearance pile.

Don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone and check out a store or website you wouldn’t normally browse you may find what you have been looking for. It’s always worth checking out the new consignment store next to that coffee shop you like or the brand new store in the mall. Either way there is so much fashion out there for you to limit yourself to only one avenue of shopping.

Shopping somewhere new can be fun see what you can find, and somebody just might ask….

Where Did You Get That?


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